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walking mode button

Have you thought about a walking mode button.So if you have waze on you don't get false data that traffic is at a stand still when you are walking.
Many thanks Andrew warren 

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    Andrew warren Andrew warren shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    anonymousanonymous shared a merged idea: Walking mode  ·   · 


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      • John OstrowickJohn Ostrowick commented  · 

        The reason for a walking mode (to the naysayers below) is one doesn't want yet another app with yet another interface for the same thing: navigation. I don't use waze ONLY to get around traffic jams; I use it to navigate generally.

        For example, I'd really like to be able to tell a friend in a big mall (we have very big malls here), where I am, by sharing my location within waze. Similarly, if I catch a train to another city, and have to walk to my destination, I want to know WHERE IT IS, and waze can tell me that... the traffic conditions aside, I still want to know where it is and how long it will take me to get there.

        Lastly, google maps has it. So please implement it (no walkways needed, just the roads are fine).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        What Andrew said. How do I get to walking mode with your program?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Waze had in the past in the symbian operating system Walking mode
        I recommend to add it to Android version

      • D TranD Tran commented  · 

        When will we hace a qalking mode?

      • EllisonEllison commented  · 

        I actually do like this idea. However, I do see some concerns, such as creating walkways, which will make the maps look congested. I can see some benefits to this though. I would suggest the following for when Walk mode is on:

        1) Tracking and speed would be disabled so no false positives are reported. GPS will still work.
        2) Walkways and such would not be added to the map.
        3) Navigation would be disabled.
        4) Reporting in Walking mode would still be active. (Just because you are walking doesn't mean you can't notify other users of incidents) Considering you are walking at a slower speed than if you were driving, this may help pin-point those reports more accurately.

      • JosephJoseph commented  · 

        If you are walking, just put it to SLEEP

      • jeffjeff commented  · 

        This is stupid, Waze is for COMMUTING in a CAR. If you commute by walking, why the hell do you need to know the traffic and/or be rerouted around congestion?

      • Dean BaramDean Baram commented  · 

        I go to Google maps when I need walking directions to my car, and then I switch to Waze, which isn't ideal, a walking mode would be wonderful and will probably open business opportunities for you.

      • abhijitabhijit commented  · 

        I second Keith's comment.

      • Keith WilliamsKeith Williams commented  · 

        If you do add this feature, you will have to add walways that go where cars cant. I feel that this would clutter the maps. I VOTE THAT A DIFFERENT APP IS CREATED FOR WALING AND BIKING. We have what are called greenbelts in my city. You can go almost anywhere on these, but motor vehicles aren't allowed. These are in other places as well. It's a great idea, but, even Garmin doesnt provide those special walkways on their walking feature. Waze could top the industry with that.

      • Gergely PihentagyGergely Pihentagy commented  · 

        When I walk to my car, I start waze, because getting GPS lock needs some time. So in that time I may cause some false traffic alert. So yes, walk mode please

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Different modes of transportation (walking, bicycle, motorcycle, car) are very important. It's important to realize that in today's urban landscapes, most people use a wide range of transportation options - often even within the same trip.

        There are enough commonalities between the different modes to warrant including them in the same navigation application. Waze would benefit hugely from supporting other modes of transportation. The whole concept of crowd-sourced map data is extremely well suited for integrating information from the various modes.

      • St0fFSt0fF commented  · 

        @bummer - why have ten apps with the same basic (programming point of view) functionality?

        Waze is great, waze has the infrastructure needed - waze should be good enough for biking and walking.

        A pedestrian mode - also suitable for biking - that's great!

      • AlexAlex commented  · 

        I am a blind Iphone user and I use Waze, I find it very handy even I don't drive.
        Please make a walking feature so more V.I users could experience this great app.

        PS: We could give up using apps such as Navigon which does have a Ped mode.

      • moaningmyrtlemoaningmyrtle commented  · 

        I would love this. I walk more than I ride in cars and would use it all the time.

      • stiab3stiab3 commented  · 

        I've walked around my local town centre to map the roads there. Access to the is restricted - certain types of vehicles at certain times of day - so the easiest way for me to get them on waze was to walk. It worked fine.

        But I do agree with this proposition anyway.

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