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New Report options

Please add following option for reporting:

Hazard -> Weather -> Ice On Road - REALLY important in my country

Hazard -> Weather -> Flooded Road - also REALLY important

Hazard -> On road -> Road Closed ahead - this could be abused, so should be discussed in function

Hazard -> On road -> Dangerous Curve - most are marked by road signs but driver could choose to get extra warning from Waze! for example it would really help when visibility is poor!!

Hazard -> On road -> Dangerous Intersection - maybe Black Point (a point where a lot of accidents happen, so driver should be extra careful)

Police -> Mobile speed cams - REALLY important because very often users junk up map by reporting mobile speed cams as SpeedCams witch stay there forever..

Police -> Mobile Speed Cams often seen here

Police -> Police often seen here - popular enforcement point

Camera -> Red Light and Speed combined camera

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    Aigars KrjaninsAigars Krjanins shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • IsaIsa commented  · 

        If you're going to add flood alerts, please consider how to mark variations on depth, especially on whether a flood is passable to light vehicles or not. Gutter deep, tire deep, etc. I live in a sad place where waist deep happens often, and even stories deep is possible in the span of an hour.

      • Ricky65Ricky65 commented  · 

        Yes!!!! for ice. Yes!!!! for flooding. Yes!!!! for vehicle stopped ON ROAD (critically more important than on shoulder).

        IMO, speed bumps and other intentional "road furniture" are already marked by the highway authorities.

      • phm2010phm2010 commented  · 

        Hazard -> On road -> dirty Road by agriculture

      • MarkMark commented  · 

        Another vote for Ice in the road!!! I'd like to see "standing water" as well. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT App!!!

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Ice on road definitely- but PLEASE get rid of "rain". Flooded road- sure, but rain? Driving along in the rain, being told by other drivers that it's raining is such a waste.

      • Jim NJim N commented  · 

        Adding "ice on road" is very important as it is a serious hazard and "weather" will not always slow people down properly for the conditions ice presents. You can stop in "weather" but "ice" can put the fear in you to slow down!

      • spannowspannow commented  · 

        traffic lane closed

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hazard -> weather -> pollution
        +Speed limitation

      • PaulaPaula commented  · 

        Ice on road - so helpful after Atlanta's disastrous past few days. Waze got a lot of new subscribers like me, I'm sure!

      • Sobers HigginsSobers Higgins commented  · 

        Can be like this:
        Hazard -> weather -> Ice on Road (options: 1.Visible 2. Black Ice)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hazard > On road > Stopped Car

      • VamadeusVamadeus commented  · 

        I agree with "Ice on Road." In the winter in Michigan this is frequent and would be more accurate than just reporting "snow". Perhaps "Slippery" or "Low Traction" would be more generic, if desired.

        There should also probably be a stalled-car for Hazard on Road.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I sought out this website to specifically request that ice be added to the hazards. But there are some other great suggestions on here. It's these road hazards that can really cause some trouble. I also do not understand why something that seems to be a no brainer has been under review for a year and a half.

      • Heather JohnsonHeather Johnson commented  · 

        Can't agree more on "flooding." In a coastal, low-lying area, this is crucial.

      • Mike O'Mike O' commented  · 

        Like the recommendation for "Weather" Hazard. Add the option to include more prominent things like "Tornado", "Blizzard", "Flooding" and so on.

      • Tim JohnsonTim Johnson commented  · 

        ++1 on ice or black-ice on roadway after this past week in Dallas area. I kept trying to find it in Hazards & Weather - not there. Very surprised. I would have LOVED to know when I was coming up on an icy patch.

      • vince1612vince1612 commented  · 

        These all seem rather easy to add in the existing report options and shouldn't be a difficulty for the Waze team... I'm a bit surprised that this is still "Under review" since August 2012...

      • PeterPeter commented  · 

        Traction Report> Flooded, Ice, Wind, Visibility

      • PeterPeter commented  · 

        I dont know why WAZE cant pickup the direction automatically (if not then manual can still be available) in which i travel to report a road issue. For the last kilometer I have been tracked (on long roads) going North. Then if a accident, then perhaps it could list Heading North (N) South(S) or NE etc. or could that be a problem.

        Hazard -> On Road -> Pot Hole (good idea thats been mentioned)

        Traffic Lights out> Manned by Traffic officer to assist flow or not.
        Traffic Lights Out> Manned /Unmanned

      • PeterPeter commented  · 

        Report> Pave> Gravel Road (for rural and 3rd world countries)
        Map Issue> Traffic Alterations> Speed Bumps
        Will have to put a low, medium, high pitch discription to indicate the severity of the speed bump/hump.
        chicane ( one at a time traffic bottle neck)

        I write from South Africa and we have acknowledge areas by office road side to indicate high traffic accident area. Could you either:
        a) look at gps stats and reporting on a specific proneness to accidents. maybe even overlay weather map to determine conditions and trends relating to various conditions.
        b) formal law indicators of such areas
        c) and having very long and straight roads in South Africa certain roads are marked with tyre noise grooves to assure your awake over long distance. Perhaps mark long roads with Caution Fatigue signs.

        There are a million things one can suggest but lets see if as basic as possible we can make WAZE effective as possible.

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