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Allow declaring Toll Roads and the option to not navigate through them

Waze wants to route me through a toll road every day and can't seem to find an alternate route until I actually drive it. I want to be able to avoid Toll roads, which means tolls roads need to be able to be declared in the editor.

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    mecumecu shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  UnholyUnholy responded  · 

    Countries in which we have already enabled the feature on the client are:
    Czech Republic
    The Netherlands
    The United Kingdom


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      • giovanni pianigianigiovanni pianigiani commented  · 

        Apparently this is now working in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
        However, it would be great adding an option to declare the sticker/vignette validity (country scope and time period) and avoid toll roads based on that

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        When we click on routes for the address selected, indicating on the to with the word "toll" can help us to choose which route we want rather than choosing a route and clicking on turns and finding there are tolls and again going back to routes and so on. Thanks for an excellent waze

      • Sir SlartiSir Slarti commented  · 

        At one point I had the option to avoid toll road - in the profile, now I can't anymore ... why? I live in Dubai

      • Ian ChaiIan Chai commented  · 

        Malaysia has been added to the list where this is supported, yay!

      • Matt DittrichMatt Dittrich commented  · 

        Andrew, the "Auto-learn routes..." option is misnamed. This setting does not affect the route chosen. It only enables the ability for Waze to suggest a destination for you when you start up the app, i.e., "Good Morning! Heading to work?"

      • AndrewAndrew commented  · 

        While I have the "Avoid tolls" option on my Android phone in Australia, Waze blithely ignores it, and goes to incredible lengths to try to route me onto the M2 tollroad *every* morning!
        And it doesn't seem to "learn my routes" either, as I take the same alternative non-toll route every day!

      • EsctazEsctaz commented  · 

        It will be great to know the amount af the toll in order to choose one road or an other!

      • Bruno D. RodriguesBruno D. Rodrigues commented  · 

        The feature is working and gets enabled when the italian editors guarantee that a big percentage of the tolls were added to the italian map. It's up to the italian editors to do their work, not Waze. Push your community ;)

      • AlexgiambyAlexgiamby commented  · 

        .....and Italy???? (we pay a lot of taxes and this option will be verrrrrrry helpful! Thanks

      • Matt DittrichMatt Dittrich commented  · 

        Woohoo! USA client can now avoid toll roads! Thanks Waze!

      • Matt DittrichMatt Dittrich commented  · 

        Thanks for the post Sascha! I hadn't seen that. As soon as Waze HQ is confident that all the toll roads in your country are marked correctly, then they'll release an update to the app that has "avoid toll road" or some such option!

      • Matt DittrichMatt Dittrich commented  · 

        @Sam: Seriously. This limitation is the only reason I can't *wholeheartedly* recommend Waze.

      • Sam HolmquistSam Holmquist commented  · 

        Can I use all my votes on this? This is seriously the only feature I've cared about since I started using Waze.

      • JoeJoe commented  · 

        Come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I have been using Waze for a year and a half now...every update that comes out I hope and pray this one is on it...
        Before I went to Waze I was using another GPS program which had it...What is the hold up?? Who cares if we use a dirt road or not?? Don't get the car dirty??
        Lots of people care not to pay more money out for tolls though!!!!

        PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • bedobedo commented  · 

        This function is now working in Italy!!!

      • Sascha KolenkoSascha Kolenko commented  · 

        Add toll avoidance for iPhone in Australia please.

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