1. Expose detailed route data on Web dashboard

  2. Free map data to prevent "bridge strikes" damage by large lorries

  3. Real-time traffic jam information received from motorcyclists's GPS data

  4. Option to disable "You got a response!" pop-ups when launching the app

  5. Option to disable "You got a response!" pop-ups when launching the app

  6. store user ev data in profile and offer ev route similar to carpool

  7. Created an web app that helps you never get a parking ticket again. Your location queries database and puts parking info on phone screen. A

  8. Add data entry of US National Grid coordinates

  9. Share Waze data with local and state authorities.

  10. Use accelerometers and gyroscopes to suppliment GPS data

  11. Utilise Waze's live traffic data to manage traffic flow for an entire city

  12. Voice response capabilities to Waze questions - is car still there? Etc also ability to turn off suggestive destinations. Are you going home

  13. It would be HUGELY helpful to hook up disaster response vols using Waze to reach an emergency faster.

  14. Live data freshness on the road : how many Wazers drove here recently

  15. Use the accelerometers from the smartphones to get data of the pavement conservation.

  16. Make sure the Waze app can send location data even with the app turned off  ·  Now available

  17. Overlay of power utility loadshedding schedules on top of Waze data

  18. Record your trip, keep datas of your trip as good as Google's "My tracks" do.

  19. Problem with the new version of waze, this consumes more 200% data than the older version.

  20. Integrate tractors and construction vehicles for traffic data, northeast U.S.A.

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