1. Visual-aid for showing recency of data along route.

  2. Add car's gas tank status / mile range logic to Waze's gas station data

  3. Connect the Waze system to a compass for data of initial movement

  4. Location Services needs to be "only while using app" with it on continuously it drains the battery and uses data unnecessary data.  ·  Now available

  5. Save and later upload client data for areas with limited cell and/or Wi-Fi only users.  ·  Not right now

  6. Provide user option to store data on SD card. My device storage is full.

  7. Why doesnt the app offer to automatically send you your map data monthly? (period controllable in a setting)

  8. In Chicago, the Kennedy reversible lanes should be updated in real time using data

  9. data de seguridad calles : 511989141354 Mauricio Martinez Lafosse

  10. Rush hour commuting times using historical data not just current.

  11. a waze pedestrian app. tracking crime, hazards, vagrants... valuable data.

  12. The ability to download whole areas for less data usage

  13. Bug or Evo: Switch on phone datas when your device is linked on wifi without internet access

  14. I plan to use Waze data to support defense for moving out of lane unsafely summons

  15. Seria interessante ter data e horários nas pesquisas de endereços realizadas, por uma questão de organização da busca.

  16. Use traffic data to know when a toll road is open

  17. Enable data entry of Motorhome dimensions and weight for planning routes.

  18. is there a way to speed up or bypass the go now screen? I drive for Uber and Lyft and response time is very critical. Please advise.

  19. Stop reporting minor incidents. Stop sending data to Google Maps that there is an accident

  20. You should give ppl 100 points for reporting police. That way we could have more data.

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