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    Lot commented  · 

    Ability to add the auto-completion to your search bar so you can add the street number
    With Google (maps or regular), you can add auto-completed search results to you current search, but it doesn't search right away. In this way, you can add the street number behind the completed street name.
    Now in Waze, when you click the auto-completed street name, it navigates there immediately, while I would want to add a number as well. I then go back to do this, and have to type the whole street name again (so in short, the auto-complete function does not have a lot of function as you can't use it when you want to navigate to a specific number).

    --> type Tuyll v
    -- you see the correct auto-complete result/street name: 'Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg'--
    --> click on this and it navigates there straight away
    --> you want to add a number, but you can't
    --> result: you have to go back and type out the whole street name yourself, to then add the number. This is cumbersome!

    Add the little arrow on the right of every auto-completed search suggestion in the list (pointing left up just like in a Google search) to make it your current search while keeping the cursor at the end of this (maybe adding a space automatically).
    OR like TOMTOM, although less handy as you sometimes really only want a street name (which would still be possible using the first suggestion option), click on the street name and then a number pad/interface to add a number.

    Hope it's clear, it would really help a lot! Love the app!!

    Lot supported this idea  · 

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