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    anonīms commented  · 

    I agree and strongly recommend this feature as it will be crucial. In Sweden EV and hybrids, plug in hybrids are exploding. Huge advantage in Europe is that charging standards are not that many. in Sweden "type 2" is the most common up to 50KW charging. However - I see an extremely scattered system for finding charging stations. There are many apps but none are comprehensive and the worst only supply one brand of electricity provider. There is also overlap between parking apps and charging apps and electricity providers apps. Sometimes I find a charging station and realize I can pay with two different apps. Sometimes only one (which I haven't downloaded of cause) To find chargers in a small city you need to open two-three apps and then another one for the parking charge. Also not all apps allow you to create a profile with your car and more importantly - what kind of connector you can use. Then you see all charging places, even those you cannot use. A filter function to see only certain brands of stations or more important, stations with a certain type of connector is highly recommended. Also possibility to put in several cars in the profile as many families will soon have 2 EV:s.

    Route planning to conserve energy is also a possibility in Waze as I see it. Also if you need a station to charge fully (several hours) or if you just want to park for a short period of time and utilize charging at the same time.

    I currently have 11 apps on my iPhone (parking, charging, electricity providers) just to manage.

    anonīms supported this idea  · 

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