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התראה על רוכבי אופניים בשולי הכביש

מתן אפשרות לרוכבי אופניים לרכב עם האפליקציה ולתת דיווחי אמת לנהגים על מיקומם כך נהג רכב יוכל לקבל התראה על רוכב אופנים בשולי הכביש

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  • Rafael Daniel Laurindo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Portugues: Alerta de bicicleta na beira da estrada

    Permitir que os ciclistas andem com o aplicativo e forneçam relatórios reais aos motoristas sobre sua localização, para que um motorista possa ser alertado para um ciclista do lado da estrada

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    רוב הרוכבים משתמשים באפליקציות מעקב כמו strava, אז שיתוף פעולה איתם יאפשר לקבל את המיקום המדוייק של הרוכבים ולהציג אותו לנהגים בזמן אמת

  • Benny commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    בתור רוכב אופנים, אני חושב שזה גאוני ונחוץ.
    הייתי מוסיף תרגום אנגלי לבקשה.

  • ofer ironi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    איך רעיון נא שכזה שעלה לראשונה ב2015 עוד לא התממש עד היום ??? קדימה ליישם

  • JNewman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    OK, I don't know if this will work, so here goes... 'mashing' the accelerator (Post comment button)

    This is my 1st post, so please, be gentle. I haven't figured out how to display (much less search) the forum yet. I imagine this subject has been discussed Ad nauseam (or at least until everyone's carsick). Anyway, here's my 2¢ toll.

    Is there a way to accommodate many's wishes? I don't know, but there'd be more buttons for more preferences, prompts, computational infrastructure & an untold amount of programming (the juice might not be worth the squeeze or juice/squeeze, ratio).

    If WAZE is about getting people from A to B (out-smarting traffic), then why are there not different modes of transportation to represent how people travel? Is WAZE's Primary Direction helping cars or people? If WAZE is only about automobiles, then WAZE might drop service of buses, blimps (oops, how'd that get in here?), postal workers, truck drivers, commercial deliveries, taxis, uber, commercial services (contractors-yuck), motorcycles, race cars, and all the similar riff raff.

    Consider if most modes of transportation were represented in WAZE. Then, if a disconnect were detected moving with (or not) with traffic, WAZE could query the user's mode of transportation: hiking, walking, swimming, running, bicycle, autonomous, boat, plane, space ship, other (wormhole, fold space; can we ignore no clue?) etc. and route traffic per its intrinsic abilities (sub surface travel is automatically excluded since GPS doesn't work well at all under solid or liquid substances like thick tree canopy, soil & water). Let's say a different user doesn't want all this nonsense on their screen. Could an optional preference turn it all (or partially) on or off if they want the option of having all the options (roundabout reasoning)?

    OK, maybe a different User doesn't want to have to deal with all the options; just cars. Could that person be served by something like WAZE Base Model?

    Some people don't like advertisements. Is $ insufficient to offer a block button?

    Maybe a geek like me likes some of the older features such as shortest distance or shortest time. Maybe I'd like every feature known to WAZE; ever. Could there be something like WAZE Over Loaded? Maybe I'm crazy enough to allow WAZE use my computers' extra computational resources to help process my ridiculous desire to have every option. Maybe I'd even have to upgrade my bandwidth to accommodate it.

    The point is, I don't know. You guys are very creative. Just look at what you've accomplished through WAZE. Getting any 2 people to agree on anything is optimistic, but WAZE strives for consensus from every crazy, flipping, idiot, rebel capable of signing on (I personally represent these remarks).

    May I suggest that we invest our time, money, etc. where our interests take us? Can we express interest in options in advance to estimate $? If Management gets enough interest, can they look at the cost/benefit and assess the juice/squeeze ratio?

    All I ask is to be left out of all the ciphering. There's way too much to read here on this forum. Besides, I don't know where to start typing

  • Javier Zalazar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Good Idea: For those who don´t speak hebrew, like me, this is the translation: "Allowing cyclists to ride with the app and give real reports to drivers about their location so that a driver can be alerted to a cyclist on the side of the road" /// Buena idea: para aquellos que no hablan hebreo, como yo, esta es la traducción: "Permita que los ciclistas viajen con la aplicación y den informes reales a los conductores sobre su ubicación para que un conductor pueda ser alertado a un ciclista en el lateral de la carretera "

  • Josh Burchard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    DOWNVOTE - Bicycles!? The "Vehicle stopped on shoulder" alert is practically useless and needlessly annoying, so I certainly don't want to see bicycles on my map, nor do I need alerts about them.

    I will watch out for you and you watch out for me. Obey the proper bicycle traffic and safety rules and stay alert, and we'll all be OK.

    BAD IDEA to include this in Waze.

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